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Innovate Smarter with AI-Powered Search.


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Innovate Smarter with AI


Research, uncover, integrate, and connect the most relevant data sources, at scale, with a continually learning cognition engine.

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Disparate Datasets

Too often, research tools and data management systems are fragmented across multiple platforms, file storage systems, and individual devices, hindering categorization, accessibility, and analysis. ResoluteAI organizes all of these tools and datasets into a single easy-to-use platform. To date, ResoluteAI has connected over 200 million technical records, allowing researchers to innovate better, faster, and smarter.

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Continual Learning for Comprehensive Information

Datasets may house some of the information required to innovate in a field, but not enough to make definitive conclusions. With ResoluteAI, researchers can investigate datasets of all kinds to find the most relevant and exhaustive information available. ResoluteAI’s cognition engine searches by concepts, through ontologies, rather than keywords. With sophisticated AI search, researchers can uncover connections to themes and ideas that they may have never put together on their own, enabling groundbreaking discoveries.

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Connecting Concepts In One Platform

ResoluteAI’s platform allows researchers the opportunity to conduct smarter, more innovative research by curating datasets into a single, digestible content feed. Innovators can set and save alerts on their searches to uncover connections that can lead to unprecedented insights and generate greater returns on their research infrastructure investments.