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Finding Breakthroughs With AI-Enhanced Search


ResoluteAI’s technology applies to numerous verticals for more comprehensive research across life sciences, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, and much more.

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Synthesize R-Data with Industry Data

A one-stop search engine for publicly available data, ResoluteAI pulls information from the public domain in the areas of technology transfer, patents, scientific publications and journals, companies (for competitive intelligence, potential startup partners, and venture capital opportunities), as well as government grants, and clinical trials as if they’re single-source.

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Custom Enterprise Search, in a Turnkey Deliverable

Life science innovators are constantly expanding on their areas of focus, as well as on their proprietary data within their in-house and personal repositories. ResoluteAI has developed a cutting-edge method for leveraging artificial intelligence to ingest any of your structured and unstructured data - in any format - to make in-house data easier to search, analyze, share, and store. ResoluteAI’s custom enterprise search solution bolsters secure connectivity between datasets and departments, saving time and resources.

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Uncover Paths to Innovation

No matter the industry, as ideas are connected, innovation spurs advancements. Through ResoluteAI’s platform, the molecule structure that has been thoroughly researched in one vertical, but has had zero use or implications in another, can be connected together to innovate in new, uncharted area.

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Greater Innovation

The concepts innovators are able to research and relate together through ontology mapping and knowledge graphs provide tremendous value as they are applied to verticals that require innovation to grow. These industries include life sciences, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, manufacturing, and CPG. The innovation required to propel these industries extends beyond the explicit terms of keywords and phrases in order to connect ideas that generate new ideas and discoveries.